“Official Voter Registration Notice” postcards being mailed to registered voters who have not voted in 4 years

The State of Wisconsin Election Commission is mailing postcards titled “Official Voter Registration Notice” this week to registered voters who have not voted since the November 2014 general election. The postcard asks recipients whether they want to remain a registered voter at that address.

To stay registered, voters who still live at the address on the postcard must sign the part of the postcard that says, “Keep Me Registered to Vote” and return it to their municipal clerk by mail or in-person by July 31.

Voters who do not respond will be marked as inactive on the state’s registered voter list, meaning they will need to register again before voting. The registration of a voter will also be inactivated if the Post Office is unable to deliver their postcard.

Again – this only applies to registered voters who have not voted in the past 4 years. Please contact Clerk Snyder with any questions.