Dog Licenses

You must obtain a dog license annually through the Town of Caledonia. 

Fill out the dog license application and return it with proof of rabies vaccination and payment. 

The fee for a dog license is $5/dog for spayed/neutered dogs and $10/dog for non-spayed/neutered intact dogs. A late fee of $5/dog will be assessed to an owner who fails to obtain a dog license before April 1st. An owner who fails to have a dog licensed or vaccinated against rabies may be fined. 

Kennel License $60 for 4 -12 dogs. The actual tag is different for kennels so please indicate if you have a kennel. Over 12 dogs is $5 extra per dog. 

Please pay for the dog license separate from property taxes. 

Dog License Application 

In accordance with Chapter 174.05 and 174.07 of the Wisconsin statutes, licenses and rabies vaccinations are required for all dogs by the time they reach 5 months of age. The Town of Caledonia is the government body responsible for issuing dog licenses and checking rabies vaccination compliance.