Donation Records

Thank you to the following individuals and groups for their contributions

Town of Caledonia Donation Records

Thank you to our neighbors and friends for your donations to the Town of Caledonia. The township has been able to make improvements for the community to benefit from everyone's dedication, hard work, and donations. Some recent projects include: Construction of outdoor restrooms, Construction of storage shed for the town and community clubs, Construction of a 1/2 mile walking trail in the town park, park tables and benches, and more. Current goals for the township to fundraise for include but are not limited to are adding more trees to the park, expanding the playground equipment for kids, adding equipment for adult fitness, and developing a second park near Bean City Road. Ivan and Jeanette Gruetzmacher donated 40+ acres of land to the Town of Caledonia in August 2021 for a second Town of Caledonia park for the community.

To all of our donators, we kindly thank you.


Stay tuned for an updated list of donors to be listed here.