The History of Caledonia

The following historical account of the Town was provided by Ivan Gruetzmacher on December 11,1977, at the dedication of the Caledonia-Readfield Community Center:

"...Progress and foresight have been very evident in the Township since the first log cabin was built in 1849 by James McHugh in Section 24. The early settlers arrived via the Wolf River, landing at Fremont, and striking out for the rich farm land and limestone quarries. Ten of the settlers met on June 17, 1854 to form the Town of Caledonia. The first meeting was held June 17, 1885, at the home of James McHugh. Thomas Gore was elected the first Town Chairman.

The recorded minutes of the monthly and annual meetings reveal the progressive nature of the settlers as they laid out roads, developed a great school system and cooperatively worked for the benefit of the Town of Caledonia and Readfield.

Township meetings were held in the homes of the Board Members or at Spenglers Hotel until 1889, when it was voted to rent the new Kundigers Hall of $12 a year. Mr. Kudiger served as Town Clerk for many years..."

Another historical account, "Readfield Grew From a Melting Pot," was provided by Timothy J. Danke.

"...The stagecoach route and mail route passed through this community south of the ledge between Menasha and Stevens Point. A hotel was built by Theodore Spengler to house the travelers overnight. The Jungs built a shop where they sold boots and shoes across the street.

The hotel was knows at the Waupaca House. The stagecoaches passed this way to Gills' Landing until a bridge was built at Fremont. Many years later the Jungs purchased this building and moved their store into the building. Erwin R. Jung took over the business in 1913 and also operated a barber shop along with the store until his death in 1965. Some years later it turned into an antique shop.

Readfield got its name from Charles Readfield who was the register of deeds of Waupaca County. A post office was established with John Littlefield being appointed as postmaster. His daughter was the first teacher to teach in the first schoolhouse which was on the site of what was later Jacob's Park..."